Big Ambitions, Revitalization, and You: Introducing The LINC.

Reimagining New Rochelle through the NRVR program will begin with one of its most ambitious projects: turning Memorial Highway into a public, open space recreational area. Called The LINC, the plan will create a pedestrian walkway connecting the Lincoln Avenue corridor to downtown, culminating in a 1.6-mile linear park with various leisure activities.

The highly trafficked area will now offer a revitalized space for joggers and bikers, a marketplace for farmed goods, and more. The long-term plans include an elevated jogging area just off exit 16 from I-95, much like the Highline in New York City. An eventual amphitheater or pavilion will even create space for concerts and outdoor movies in good weather.

This, of course, means traffic patterns will be changing. Northbound access will be reserved for pedestrians, while southbound access will remain open to vehicles. These traffic safety precautions and new surface paintings will be the focus of the initial phase of the project.

And while there are many exciting plans to rejuvenate the area, the NRVR project is designed to make them even better by engaging residents for meaningful feedback and opinions.

“We want them to be a part of the process,” says Suzanne Reider, New Rochelle’s senior project manager. “We want them to help us design this project because obviously it’s for the neighborhood and they should have an opportunity to see, envision and have a voice throughout the process.”

Kiosks deployed along the Lincoln Avenue corridor route will invite the public to do just that. Each will be accessible through VR goggles and smartphones.

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