Take a Closer Look into the New New Rochelle with NRVR.

New Rochelle is going through a dramatic period of prosperity and rejuvenation through commercial, residential, and recreational development. It promises to make living in our community even better by creating new job opportunities, attractive green spaces, an enhanced arts and culture district, and more pedestrian walkways for safer places to jog and bike.

City development is a community-wide effort. That’s where NRVR comes in. The new immersive technology program offers every resident an opportunity to take part in the process and offer feedback.

Our use of VR will clearly present plans for these new buildings and public spaces to everyone in New Rochelle. You’ll have an opportunity to experience 360-degree rendered views online, on kiosks throughout the city, and at our new, dedicated NRVR space at the New Rochelle Transit Center.

Let us know your thoughts. This new program is designed to collect your opinions early enough to implement your ideas.

The NRVR project has been funded by a grant from the Bloomberg Philanthropy Mayor’s Challenge, which New Rochelle won in 2018 with its plan to improve development projects across the city through virtual reality technology.

Together, we’ll create a more vibrant city and a higher quality of life for all of us in New Rochelle.

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We want to hear from you—after all, that’s what this whole program is about, your valued input. Share any thoughts or questions with us throughout the new NRVR experience.

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